Degree Program Scholarship Application Deadlines

April 15 - June 15

January 15 - March 15

August 15 - October 15

Degree Program Scholarships

Full-Time: $2,000 for Fall & Spring semesters
3/4-Time: $1,500 for Fall & Spring semesters
Part-Time: $1,000 for Fall & Spring semesters

For students enrolled in an eligible program at one of the area universities, community colleges, or trade schools seeking an:

  • Diploma Programs
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Graduate Degree
  • Licensure in Cosmetology

Credentialing and Workforce Development Scholarships

$500 and $2,000 per term

$500.00 for all certifications and Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant or Medical Billing and Coding/Insurance Specialist, which are $2000.00.

This is an open application for applicants who have completed no more than 50% of the program for which they are applying for.

Changing lives by encouraging personal success

Single parent selected for financial assistance will meet the following criteria:

    • Is a single parent (see definition below)
    • Resident of Benton, Carroll, Madison, or Washington County
    • A legal United States resident or a resident with DACA status
    • Has a high school diploma or GED
    • Has low to moderate income, typically not more than 250% of federal poverty guidelines 
    • Enrolled in or plans to enroll in a program of study at an approved institution 
    • Has completed or is in the process of completing the FAFSA (as applicable*)
    • Maintains a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0*

*For purposes of the SPSFNWA Program, “single parent” is defined as: a family with children under the age of 18 and/or a severely disabled adult child over 18, headed by a parent who is widowed or divorced and not remarried, or by a parent who has never married and is caring for the children without assistance of another parenting partner in the home.


Application Process

  • Complete online application (must be submitted by deadline)
  • Submit additional requirements (must be uploaded by deadline)
  • Schedule and attend interview
  • Scholarships are announced
  • Scholarship recipients MUST REAPPLY each semester

Contact the office listed on this website if you have any questions regarding the application or the requirements for receiving a scholarship.

Named Scholarships

Forty-five named scholarships are awarded annually to exemplary students in the SPSFNWA program. The families and businesses who established the named scholarships are recognized and provided the opportunity to become acquainted with their chosen recipient at the Distinguished Scholars Brunch. Named Scholarship recipients are selected based upon the criteria set by the family or business. All recipients are low-income, single parents who are pursuing higher education as his/her family’s pathway out of poverty.

SPSFNWA Named Scholarships

The families and businesses who have established the named endowed scholarships are recognized below:

Alford Sherman Endowed Scholarship
Alumni Scholarship
Bagwell Family Endowed Scholarship
Betty Lighton Endowed Single Parent Scholarship
Bob and Diane Shaw Family Endowed Scholarship
Bognadow Daseke Endowed Scholarship
Brian and Amy Wood Scholarship
Carroll County Endowed Scholarship
Charlotte Langworthy Forsythe Endowed Scholarship
Clarence and Rebecca Archer Scholarship
Crouch, Harwell, Fryar & Ferner, PLLC Endowed Scholarship
David Longer Endowed Scholarship
David and Stacy Ortiz Scholarship
Dennis and Evelyn Shaw Endowed Scholarship
Denton and Cathy Cole Seilhan Scholarship
Diana Ruth Griscom Endowed Scholarship
Diane Blair Memorial Scholarship
Dick Forsythe Endowed Scholarship
Don White Scholarship
Donald L. Neal Endowed Scholarship
Duke Family Endowed Scholarship
Elaine M. Longer Endowed Scholarship
First Security Bank Endowed Scholarship
Forsythe Family Endowed Scholarship
Founders Scholarship
Franco Family Endowed Single Parent Scholarship
Frank Johnson Endowed Scholarship
Furst Family Endowed Scholarship
Garrison Asset Management Endowed Scholarship
Gene and Susan Anderson Endowed Scholarship
Greenwood Gearhart Endowed Single Parent Scholarship
Greenwood Gearhart Scholarship
Gretchen Longer Endowed Scholarship
H. Norman Ervin Memorial Scholarship
Hannah and Greg Lee Endowed Scholarship
Hershey and Denise Garner Endowed Scholarship
Jack and Anne Lebert Scholarship
Jack and Anne Lebert Scholarship
Jack and Anne Lebert Scholarship
James Burton Blair Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship
James Sanford Endowed Scholarship
Janet and Luke Parsch Endowed Scholarship
Jim and Susan von Gremp Scholarship
Jo Soderquist Scholarship
John and Evie Tate Scholarship
John and Evie Tate Scholarship
Kathy O’Kelley Endowed Scholarship
Kelly Endowed Scholarship
Longer Family Endowed Scholarship
Madison County Endowed Scholarship
Martha Rose Scholarship
Martha Rose Scholarship
Martha Rose Scholarship
Martha Rose Scholarship
Martha Rose Scholarship
Martha Rose Scholarship
Parks Family Endowed Scholarship
Program Builders Scholarship
Rebecca Trammel Scholarship
Richard F. Cooper Endowed Scholarship
Rodney and Arlene Alford Scholarship
Ross Pendergraft Endowed Scholarship
Sandra K. Martin Endowed Scholarship
Short-Coan Family Endowed Scholarship
The Taylor Family Scholarship
Tyson Foods Endowed Scholarship
Vail Family Endowed Scholarship
Waggoner Cunningham Endowed Scholarship
Washington Regional Medical Center Endowed Scholarship
Whitaker Family Endowed Scholarship
Willard and Pat Walker Endowed Single Parent Scholarship
Windgate Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Future Named Scholarships:

The Parsch Family Endowed Scholarship
Arvest Foundation Scholarship
Mathews Management Co., Inc./dba McDonald’s Restaurants Scholarship
Pay It Forward Scholarship
LaDeana Kae Duncan Alum Endowed Single Parent Scholarship

Interested in Endowing a Scholarship?

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