Meet Alumni: Jessica Trancoso

What is your child’s name and age? 

  • Jeremiah Trancoso, 13 years

Degree/Certification, School, year graduated, and current employment.

  •   Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology; I’m currently working as a Certified Neuropsychology Technician

What has been the most rewarding thing about having a degree/certification?  

  •   I am able to work in an area of my interest

What or who kept you motivated during your time as a scholarship recipient?

  • The Staff at SPSF:  Katlyn Taylor, Jack Eaton, Frankie Rankin and Renee Hutton

How did your pursuit of an education influence your children or other family members?

  • It influenced my son to do better in school and the value of education

What has changed most for you and your family now that you are no longer in school? 

  • I have more time to spend with them in the evening and weekends.

What was the most beneficial part of being a SPSF scholarship recipient? 

  • The support and encouragement during the most difficult times in my journey through school.

What does your son want to be when he grow up?    

  • My son still wants to be a MLB player.

What is your favorite SPSF memory or activity?

  • The Christmas parties and the big fundraising events held at Embassy Suites.

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment since completing your education?

  • My biggest accomplishment would be that I have proven to myself that no matter what comes my way I will always keep my head high and continue to better myself.

Looking back, was there one skill that you learned that was particularly useful, either in college/school or in the professional world?

  • Communication and cultural awareness

What advice would you give someone desiring to go back to school and/or a current recipient?

  • No matter how hard it gets it will get better. Resilience is key.

What is something that has surprised you since graduating?

  • That no matter what degree you have, finding a job is still difficult. Even being bilingual.

In Conclusion….. It has been an eye-opening journey and still I continue to be amazed. I continue to look forward and continue to learn as much as I can. Learning is never ending and the more you learn the more you can grow as an individual.

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