Building Our Future

Building Our Future

The growth we see in Northwest Arkansas, brings more single moms and dads to our door. To meet this increase, our goal is to provide a larger space to accommodate the growing demand of supportive services. Our new 13,000 + square foot campus off the I-49 corridor will allow us to grow our SPSFNWA programs and serve more single parent families.

To demonstrate our growth, our upcoming semester exceeds all previous semesters in applicants by 27%.

Not only will a new campus benefit our single parent families more efficaciously with a centralized location but would meet the holistic needs of our single moms and dads who are navigating unique challenges of single parenthood. The new campus would offer care beyond their scholarship. There will be ample space for a dry pantry where recipients can access costly household goods from detergent to hygiene products.

The new campus will also offer a counseling suite which will increase our ability to offer child, family and adult therapy. A large study/workspace will be available for recipient use and, the spacious multipurpose room will allow for recipient and family events. The design of our new campus has taken into consideration the addition of functional spaces ranging

from a counseling suite to a mother’s nursing room.

"My 11-year-old daughter already has huge dreams for her college future after watching my trials and triumphs."


As a single parent, I have faced shame, discrimination and outright offense. But I have begun to overcome the single parent stigma after being part of SPSFNWA, where I experience the best parts of our community.


SPSFNWA is engaging the community to reach a $6,000,000 goal to allow us to build this new 13,000+ square feet campus and continue to grow our programs throughout the Northwest Arkansas community. The success of this project will allow us to:


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